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    Technical Theatre is a hands-on course for students who wish to develop skills in the backstage operations of theatrical production.  Students will learn to operate auditorium facilities in support of school and community productions.

    Advanced critical thinking skills, repsonse to literature, and reading expectations are encouraged over rote examination of pedestrian skills. 

    This course is an overview of modern World History. The standards set forth by the Nebraska Department of Education will guide the curriculum in this class. Topics of study will include, but are not limited to; the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic World, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, the World Wars and the world since 1945.

    This course is an overview of modern American History.  The standards set forth by the Nebraska Department of Education will guide the curriculum in this class.  Topics of study will include, but are not limited to; Civil War and Reconstruction, Growth of Industry, World War I, Roaring 20's, Great Depression, World War II, the Great Society, the Cold War, Civil Rights, Vietnam, and the 1980’s to present.  


    The course is an overview of American Government studying the 3 branches of government and the levels of government to further student understanding and appreciation for our government system.

    This course is a survey of Modern Western Civilization from the Renaissance to present day.

    The first part of our class we will be in Advanced Math which will involve some ACT reivew and some Habits of Mind problems.  The last 3/4 or so of the class will involve College Algebra through CCC.


    This is a universal Algebra class for all sections

    Physics is a very broad subject that studies matter, energy, and thier relationships.  Through this course students will gain an understanding of Newtonian Mechanicas, as well as mechanical energy and its transformations.  Additional topics ranging from mechanical waves to modern physics will also be available to students.  This course focuses on student centered learning with an emphasis on inquiry and student driven learning.

    Science 9 focuses on the branches of physical science.  It is divided into three units of study - "Structure and Composition of Matter," "Motion, Force, and Energy," and "Earth and Space Science."  All content will be taught with an emphasis on combining knowledge with critical thinking to ask questions about phenomena and propose explanations based on evidence. Inquiry activities will be conducted throughout the course on various topics to help students expand their critical thinking skills and develop problem solving techniques. Students will also develop and apply their mathematic skills as we explore the many relationships between physical quantities.

    This is a group created for CCS staff to share ideas for using Moodle in the classroom.

    This course has been designed for designated CHS students to participate in the Cozad High School 1:1 Implementation. Members of this team will participate in the 1:1 planning, organizing, and deployment. They will be student leaders for other students and staff at Cozad High School.